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March 11, 2021



The automobile generator is the main power source of the automobile, and its function is to supply power to all electrical equipment (except the starter) when the engine is running normally, and to charge the battery at the same time.

On the basis of the three-phase stator winding of the ordinary alternator, the number of winding turns is increased and the terminal is led out, and a set of three-phase bridge rectifier is added. At low speed, the original winding and the increasing winding are output in series, and at higher speed, only the original three-phase winding is output.


BOSKET Industrial Ltd. professionally provides Generator for various Japanese Trucks such as


1-81200416-4 6HK1 8-94122488-0 4JB1 8-97075882-1 4HF1


8-97245850-2 4JH1 8-97351572-0 4JA1 8-97175390-0 4HE1


8-98006084-0 4JJ1 8-98029887-2 4JK1 8-98029889-2 4HG1


8-97351574-0 6WF1 8-97941741-0 4HK1T 8-98013462-1 6HE1


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