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Never Stop Learning: BOSKET UNIVERSITY

June 24, 2019

Never Stop Learning: BOSKET UNIVERSITY



For the aim of providing the more satisfactory service and achieving the self-improvement of staffs, BOSKET INDUSTRIAL LIMITED has launched a long-term learning project for years -- BOSKET UNIVERSITY.


We organize lectures and courses once a week to equipped every colleague’s professional skill and insight.


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Lectures may include topics such as “How to distinguish two similar products”, “The introduction of body parts of NPR75 ” “How can an order be processed” “The cooperation among different functions of our company” …


In spite of training, exams are also provided so that everyone is motivated to listen to the lectures carefully and review them later.


Thanks to this learning project, our whole team is enthusiastic about learning more professional knowledge to equip ourselves. We can have a thorough understanding about our company and the guideline to perform better.


Customer satisfaction is always our priority and we do believe that only with professional skill, can we offer you the satisfactory