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Together, let's fight against the Covid-19.

March 20, 2020

Dear partners:

As we all know, the Covid-19 has affected our world to varying degrees. Situation in China is getting better, but other countries are getting worse. Based on our anti-virus experience and analysis of the current economic situation in China, we have the following suggestions:


PART ONE: Prevention of the Covid-19

1. Wash hands frequently and avoid shaking hands.

2. It’s necessary to wear a mask. The mask can prevent droplets of the infected person from scattering into the air, and prevent healthy people from absorbing virus. When go to the hospital,you need to wear N95 or surgical masks; but in daily life, we can just wear disposable medical masks.

3. Disinfect your house and office every day (but keep in mind to use disinfection materials properly,otherwise it may cause fire).

4. Avoid going to crowded place or joining parties.

5. Just feel free to let me know if any need of masks or other anti-epidemic materials. If they can be delivered to your countries successfully (depend on your custom policy), we will try our best to provide them for you.

PART TWO: Cooperation for business:

1. As the manufacturing center in the world, China has resumed normal production. We will continue to provide you high quality products and best services.

2. According to our marketing research, during the Covid-19 time, the demand for parts of commercial vehicles (such as ISUZU, HINO) is increasing due to the increasing need for commercial transportation.

3. Due to the shortage of raw materials and labor, some products’ price may increase, and delivery time may also be extended. We suggest that you can plan order in advance according to your needs in several months. For example, if you made purchase plan for 2 months’ stocking previously, now you can consider 3-4 months. Then we can arrange your order faster.

4. The situation of the Covid-19 may affect your country’s import policy. We recommend partial shipment for your order. For example, when your order is 60-70% ready, it’s better to deliver them first. The other parts can be delivered on next shipment. In this way, you can receive and sell the goods as soon as possible.

5. Please pay close attention to your country's import custom policy during this special period. If there are any policy change, please inform us as soon as possible.


Hope the above suggestions will help you. In this period, we need closer communication and cooperation, which will make us stronger both together.

Wish you all the best.

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