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Water Pump

March 11, 2021

Water Pump


In the cylinder block of a car engine, there are multiple water channels for the circulation of cooling water, which are connected to the radiator (commonly known as the water tank) placed at the front of the car through water pipes to form a large water circulation system. There is a water pump, driven by the fan belt, to pump out the hot water in the engine block waterway, and pump in the cold water. There is also a thermostat next to the water pump. When the car is just started (cold car), it is not turned on, so that the cooling water does not pass through the water tank, but only circulates in the engine (commonly known as the small cycle), until the temperature of the engine reaches 95 degrees or more. When it is turned on, the hot water in the engine is pumped into the water tank, and the cold wind when the car moves forward blows through the water tank, taking away the heat.



BOSKET Industrial Ltd. professionally provides water pumps for various Japanese Trucks such as


1-13610428-2 6BD1 1-13650018-1 4BD1 1-13650059-1 6SD1


1-87310987-0 6HK1 1-87310996-0 6WF1 1-87311001-0 6WG1


5-87311148-2 4LE1 8-94395656-6 6HE1 5-87610088-0 4JH1


8-94390699-3 6HL1 8-97069385-0 3KC1 8-97073951-2 4HF1


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